Civilization VI (PC)

With the new expansion coming soon, called Gathering Storm, my friend got quite excited and wanted someone to play with. So with Black Friday sales abound I get an email on steam, turns out my friend decided I was the one to play this game with. I was a huge fan of Civ 2 and Revolution and I put a little time into Civ V so I am hardly a noob in the series, but this one is quite a bit different.

First, very few upgrades are built in your cities. They now are built by aptly named builders, units with limited uses. Districts are built in tiles around your city, just like farms and such would be. Another addition is governors, each one has their own abilities and skills to help run your cities.

Outside of a few of these finer points, the general idea of the game is actually quite the same. Build units and towns, grow your empire and win certain types of victories tho now you can win a religious victory. For me personally, I have enjoyed this Civilization game more than most and I suggest picking it up. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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