Rick and Morty season 3

rick and morty 3

After the sad conclusion to Rick and Morty, season 2 Rick found himself incarcerated for his countless crimes against time, space, reality, and even versions of him and his grandson Morty. Meanwhile, Beth and Jerry’s marriage crumbled as well as Beth’s concept of her own existence, leaving Summer to try finding refuge with some new ” questionable” friends and Morty becomes too aware of how much he can’t remember…oh and Rick turned himself into a pickle to escape family consoling. PIckle Rick!

Season 3 continues the trend of being outrageously funny and deep at the same time, which will always be the show’s greatest strength. This season I really started to feel for Beth, especially during FroopyLand. There’s a few episodes that are slow but for the most part I laughed my ass off the whole way, especially the Pickle Rick episode. If you loved Rick and Morty, season 1 and 2, you’ll love the 3rd but I do recommend starting from the beginning because there is continuity to the show. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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