Wave Race 64

wave race 64

Nostalgia is a great thing. The other day I talked about Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire which was my first ever video game. While Empire kicked my ass, my first finished game was Wave Race 64. The concept is simple: you choose from 4 jet skiers and race in a variety of courses and modes while fighting against the waves and doin sweet tricks.

This game is simple as hell but simply fun. In fact, you literally can play the game with one hand and be perfectly fine- I’ve done it. The tricks are pretty simple to execute but can be somewhat stiff. The game does good to gradually get harder as it goes, adding more viscous waves and obstacles though I felt like more could have been added.

The worst thing about Wave Race is also the best unfortunately: it’s bare bones simple. You get 4 racers, each with an alternate costume. That’s it. At most, there’s about 10 courses if you through the hardest circuit and the practice map. That’s it. You got standard races, time trail, standard Vs, and stunt rings. That’s about it.

Wave Race is a fun game but don’t expect much. There is some fun solo or with friends but because of it’s limited options, I can’t say it’s a must play. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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