Smallville Season 4

Its been a bit since I have done a Smallville Season, and please don’t let this be viewed as an indictment of how the season was in terms of quality. I actually just got really busy with other stuff and simply didn’t get to watch it as much as I would have liked, and I really would have liked to. This season will follow our friends through their senior year of high school as friendships are strained, new relationships are formed and broken and deaths pile up. This season was excellently done but there is one episode, in particular, I want to talk about.

Episode 5 titled “Run” will see Clark and his father Johnathan go to Metropolis for some medical test after his dad’s heart attack when a truck goes out of control. Johnathan is saved from certain death only by the super speed of, not Clark. Bart Allen moves fast enough to not only cut off Clark and save Johnathan but steal his wallet. This will send Clark on a quest to not only find Bart but to help him change his ways. The ending of this episode represents the first time (in this universe) that these two race, and the end is spectacular. Bart promises to stay in Smallville with Clark if Clark can simply catch him and takes off running. Clark gives chase with everything he has and after a minute Bart simply turn around and runs backward and waves goodbye, and vanishes to leave Clark standing on a dirt road to realize while he may be faster than a speeding bullet, he is far from being as fast as he thinks.

This season has quite a few moments that are turning points for Clark that make him question things he has always believed were unquestionably true. Chloe will also discover Clark’s secret, unknown to Clark when his girlfriend takes it on herself to decide he needs people to know. She also keeps this secret even from Clark until he loses his memory. He sadly forgets everything that happened that day when he regains it, and Chloe tells him the amazing thing about him is when he had the chance to start with a clean slate he made all the same decisions except one. When he pushes her that it is important all she tells him is that this time he trusted her.

This season honestly while maybe not the best did an amazing job of making you truly feel for Clark and the burden he carries. Between having to hide who he is and the damage it does to his life, but in the words of Clark, the fact that every moment of his life, whether its playing football, hugging someone or shaking their hand he makes the conscious decision not to hurt them. I have always said the biggest issue with Super Man is he is not interesting because he is pretty much a god. You need to care about Clark Kent and Smallville has done that better than any iteration ever has. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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