Silent Night, Bloody Night

bloody night

Let me start off by saying a special thank you to Savior and his family for taking me in during the holidays, I love all you guys. The holidays are about love, togetherness and good will onto others; they’re probably not meant to watch shitty, free public domain Christmas horror movies that aren’t about Christmas. Sorry Savior.

Disclaimer: this is not a review of Silent Night, Deadly Night. No killer dressed as Santa. No abuse of kid by tyrannical nuns. No “Garbage Day” ( high five to those of you who get the reference). Truth be told, and I quote Savior himself ” I don’t think the damn people that wrote this fucking movie know what it’s about.” The basic gist is there is a house where a guy died ( he was accidentally burned to death but it was no accident) and his grandson decades later goes to sell it, but there’s a killer killing people involved with the sale because I guess it was a mental asylum at some point and this dude’s mom was wrongful killed by the inmates who killed the rich owners and took over as the movers and shakers of this town. Sound like a mess, eh? It is.

Silent Night, Bloody Night is a dumpster fire. The plot and story for this movie are damn confusing to where it’s nonsensical at times. The actors seem unmotivated to where I swore they were drugged on some heavy ass downers. There is some ok atmosphere and music and random gore that made us laugh. This movie made Savior salty as hell and I got some cheap laughs as we asked WTF was going on. As I mentioned earlier, it’s public domain- hell, we watched it on YouTube for free on perfect quality so if you and your friends, family, or pets want to get drunk and watch a movie, this is a good pick. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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Writer of the strange and everything; lover of horror, literature, comics, and the alien is my spirit animal

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