Occupation (2018)

Occupation is the story of an alien invasion gone right, at least for the aliens. The movie starts out in a small town where people are pissed over an overpass being built, and it isn’t long before they have an entirely new problem. At a towns I believe rugby game, I am not sure since it takes place in Australia and I know nothing about their sports. Could be Aussie rules football I suppose.

The alien attack comes from nowhere, and their armor is damn near impenetrable and their weapons are far more advanced. This scene is full of explosions and death, which is quite honestly a rather good scene and sets things up nicely for an underdog story.

The rest of the movie is primarily a story of guerrilla warfare against the alien occupation with occasional infighting amongst our heroes about how to handle things, such as one captured alien that serves no purpose except to reveal through a map they have been watching humanity for thousands of years and when one man beats it to death a few get pissed off.

The entire movie poorly developed, all the characters are mundane and never really grow. But here is the thing, if you like action films, and I mean old school action films full of explosions and passable routine stories, this film is for you. Seriously check out its Rottentomotatoes scores. It has an abysmal 38% from critics but a massive 94% from audiences. This is the perfect example of a movie that critically may not be the best written or put together, but damn is it fun to watch. Action fans will want to see it, but most others will find it overly long and ambitious with not much to offer. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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