5 great Superman villains

death of superman cover

Awhile back I covered the Reign of the Supermen trailer , which chronicles the emergence of four powerhouses after Superman’s death at the hands of Doomsday, one of which being Hank Henshaw, the Cyborg Superman, a great DC villain in his own right. Much like Henshaw, villains like Brainiac and Darkseid are as much JLA villains. This countdown I tried to go a bit different by I have to say I found this trickier than I first thought with such as Mongul, DarkSeid, Brainiac, Metallo and the Cyborg Superman. Without further ado, starting with one of my personal DC favorites let’s begin with..

zod 1. General Zod-

I love Zod not because of the fact that he is a militant Superman essentially with a crew of Kryptonian followers as well as alien tech but for how duty bound he is to the people of Krypton and the cause of trying to preserve what’s left of there race and prosperity. Despite the fact he does some radical shit, Superman still respects him as a equal.

mr mxyzptlk 2. Mr Mxyzptlk-

This is a strange one. Mr M ( his full name is a royal bitch to spell out all the time) is a small, impish figure from another dimension than loves to screw with the Man of Steel. He’s magic, which nerfs most of Sup’s power set and can warp reality. He is a good antithesis to the warm, chiseled man in the blue and red tights.

bizarro 3. Bizarro-

Superman has always been known as the one of the greatest forces of good out there, but what happens when he doesn’t know what is good? What happens if right is wrong, wrong is right and you are a godlike being with the brains of Lenny from Of mice and men . Well, you get Bizarro. What makes him a tragic figure is how he truly doesn’t understand the world around him and how Superman is mean because he stops his rampages.

lex luthor 4. Lex Luther –

Of course I had to include Sup’s arch enemy, a rich, bald, pissed off dude who hates Superman because he’s basically god on Earth. That’s pretty much what it always barrels down to. Luther is a brilliant man who does invent a badass suit in the comics to go toe to toe with his near unstoppable foe and comes up with with some great schemes to wreak havoc across not only Metropolis but the DC landscape.

doomsday  5. Doomsday-

When I finished my list of My Top 10 DC Villains- part 2 I said Doomsday deserved one of the top spots for the single fact he did the unthinkable: he killed Superman. He doesn’t need a complex backstory or intricate power set, he is simply hate and destruction incarnate and he is a utter badass.

I hope you all have enjoyed my list and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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