Farming Simulator 15 (PS4)

Some of you may remember a while back, got curious and bought Farming Simulator 17 (Xbox One) to see what it was like. Well, Farming Simulator 15 was on sale and I had to see what that game was like and not surprisingly it is quite a bit like Farming Simulator 17. There are of course some added tools, crops and animals and the graphics are better but the game is basically the same, even at least one of the farms seems exactly the same.

Now clearly I could be wrong, there may be slight differences as I didn’t go and examine things carefully but they are at least quite similar. There as also some things missing that I liked from 17, such as the ability to tie things down on your trailers. This, of course, isn’t a deal breaker and if you simply want to see if you like the genre, by all means, pick it up on sale. The 2 are similar enough I don’t see a reason to purchase one over the other if you simply want to experiment and see if you like it.

That being said, if you played 15 and never played 17 and are looking to upgrade I would suggest just buying  Farming Simulator 19. I haven’t played it yet but these two are so similar I can’t imagine 19 being vastly different to the point you would dislike it but like these. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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