Smallville Season 6

Smallville Season 6 is kind of insane honestly. From the start when Clark is stuck in the Phantom Zone until the very end when Lana leaves Lex there is just a ton going on, and in between, we have Clark attempting to stop all the things he unleashed from the Phantom Zone when he escaped. There are a few things I dislike tho.

The first example would be the entire story arc with Zod ends far too quickly. Zod has always been one of Supermans greatest enemies and is also one of his oldest, yet in a few short episodes, we end the whole thing with Zod and move on. This to me was a huge missed opportunity, and while the season was great and entertaining there was no need to rush through Zod.

The set of for season 7 was even worse, not because it wasn’t awesome which it was, but because it sets up Bizarro Superman. How do we start with Zod and end with Bizzaro in one season when each of these could easily have been a season each.

That all aside it was rather nice seeing Green Arrow make his appearance and it is always fun to see Aquaman along with the other heroes that have shown up in the show. All in all, I enjoyed the season but you can see where the yare rushing through some things. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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