Green Lantern: Earth One(V 1)

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Sometimes I love long ass wait times on games to install. While doing just that I picked up a story I’ve been much anticipating, the Earth One version of Green Lantern. During my Man of Steel review I talked about how much the movie took from the first volume of Superman: Earth One. What makes the Earth One series unique is it is a more grounded re-imagining of our favorite DC heroes, so I was really curious how Lantern would turn out.

Hal Jordan was just another crew member on a mission to mine materials from a rock in space, escaping his past on Earth and wishing he wouldn’t have to return. During this mission, him and Volkov discover the remains of a destroyed vessel. Inside the wreckage they discover corpses, a metal skeleton, and a glowing green ring and what appears to be a battery. On there way back to the rest of the crew, Volkov places the ring on his finger and destroys there’s lander but in the mysterious artifacts keep Jordan alive in dead space. The metal corpse attacks him and almost instantly Jordan destroys it before blacking out. He awakes on another world with a alien named Killowag who explains these are the weapons of the long gone Green Lantern Corps that once protected the universe, before the mechanical Manhunters exterminated them, leaving relics and myth behind. It’s up to Hal and Killowag to cross the oceans of space to find more lanterns and answers while being hunted and survive with what little powers they have dying. Can the Green Lanterns resurface and destroy the machines?

I was in no way disappointed by this story and I can’t wait for volume 2, which we have some great teases at the end of book 1. I really like how much of the superhero pretext is stripped away and we get a dark sci-fi epic. I enjoy the changes to the characters and I enjoy how the story is layered to keep you guessing what really caused the Lantern’s downfall. The art is bleak with ques to scenery from the first Alien as well as Star trek (reboot) . My only real complaint is the action scenes can be a little confusing and there’s a rough story transition into the third act but otherwise it’s some of the best Lantern I’ve read in a while. I really recommend this story to fans and new comers alike. May the gaming gods bring you glory and beware Green Lantern’s light…

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