Why the IGN “Mistakes” Are A Big Deal

Recently in the gaming world, IGN has been talked about quite a lot. This is normal considering they are pretty much the biggest name in gaming news. And yes they have been the subject of many memes and jokes over the years such as the Pokemon too much water incident. For those that don’t know back in 2014 IGN reviewed Pokemon Omega and Saphire a game in a region known for having lots of water and gave it a 7.8 with only 2 main downsides. Too many HMs and too much water.


And since the internet gives approximately 0 fucks about anything this set off a sandstorm of memes making fun of IGN.

Now obviously that is a bit minor compared to more recent mistakes, such as having to fire a reviewer for plagiarism after he stole a Dead Cells review from a much smaller Youtuber. You can read on that at Forbes.

And according to many sources, including oneangrygamer they used the default controls for Ace Combat 7 which give the game a more arcade feel, then complained about the game having an arcade feel to it. It, however, doesn’t end there. They also apparently only played half of Resident Evil 2 Remaster before releasing their original review. They later retracted large amounts of it and bumped up the score tho not by much. Check out more on that over at mainmenu.

Those are just some of the more popular or recent examples of issues over at IGN, and honestly, my title says “Mistakes” because I don’t believe these count as mistakes. A mistake implies you made a conscience misguided decision or didn’t know you were wrong and that doesn’t seem to be the case. Anyone that has ever written a paper in school knows plagiarism is wrong, and having played the original release of Resident Evil 2 they are quite clear about how to start a new game as a different character and even if they weren’t you are a professional reviewer, you have been around games enough you should know what you are doing.

I also can’t in good conscience give a pass on the  Ace Combat 7 incident because any reviewer should be playing games on multiple difficulties at the very least to see how they control. Now for smaller places mine or many of the others on WordPress that are run by one or 2 people chances are there is nobody to check over your work, but IGN has no excuse why two people aren’t playing each game, at least partly for a second person to make sure they aren’t totally dropping the ball.

The sad part of all this is, and I believe Dreamcast guy over on Twitter and many others have said this already, this is happening because they are in a rush to get content out and get their views and clicks and don’t actually care if the content is good, and that will eventually be the downfall of IGN. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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