Rogue Aces (PS4)

Rogue Aces is one of the PSN free games for February, its a small game ( less than a gig) so I figured I would try it out. The game is essentially an airplane fighter game, you take off from an aircraft carrier, run quick missions and land again. You get one life, and three planes. I make this distinction because if you fail to eject on time, even with the first plane and die, it is game over. You also get game over if you lose all three ships.

The game seems quite easy, take off, kill stuff, land. There are some advanced things, however, like when you jump out of your plane it is possible to land in an enemy plane and take it as your own, however, the few times I have managed to do this I didn’t see any difference between them and your own.

The graphics and sound are nice but my main issue is honestly the controls are a bit weird at times. A small tap up will occasionally send you up far faster than it previously did and landing is very imprecise. Despite that the game is fun and you should really go check it out, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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