Gunhouse (PS4)

Gunhouse is one of the other free games on PSN this month and I have to say it is easily the weakest. It is a puzzle game where you will sometimes be moving blocks to create bigger blocks that will be used to create either guns or special techniques and the rest of your time defending your home.

The problem is neither part of the game is fun. You will always be doing one of those two things, neither of which take very long. You start out in the puzzle section and really only have the option to move things left or right to make things fall and create a square of four so it creates bigger symbols. These can be made into either a weapon on the left side of your house or special ammo on the right. These each has different uses depending on the symbol used to create them. This pattern gets boring fast, and even for free, I can’t see myself playing again. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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