Final Fantasy 9 Out For Switch, 7 Out Soon.

For those Final Fantasy fans out there, Nintendo will once again make you love them and piss some of you off. First, Final Fantasy 7 will be out March 26th which is exactly what we needed. Final Fantasy 7 on another platform. (sarcasm) Before that tho, we get Final Fantasy 9, which launched already, that day, in fact, on another platform. Because on every platform known to man almost wasn’t enough. They did, however, skip, once again, Final Fantasy 8. Don’t get me wrong I own 7 and 9 and I did on both PS one and I do on PS4. Also owned 7 on PC, so this isn’t about hating either game, I think 7 is one of the most influential of all time and both can be argued to be two of the all-time greats. My real issue is that once again Final Fantasy 8 is skipped even tho this year, and more precisely this month is the 20th anniversary of the release of FF8. Now I understand why in theory, supposedly they lost much of the original PlayStation releases code and they can’t simply port the PC version over, so there is, in theory, a valid reason, but it still sucks. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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