5 Favorite T.V. Shows

We all have favorite shows, some of them comedies some of the horror but we all have them. I know a guy that is obsessed with the news, tho he is a bit odd. These, however, are mine, tho admittedly first on the list is an entire series since it would be a bit unfair to separate them. Also, this isn’t in any order.

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Yup, Star Trek. Who didn’t see this coming? Sure the show has had its ups and downs and Enterprise wasn’t always a great show but the show itself was amazing and changed the history of television forever. Also for the record, as awesome as Kirk was, Picard was the better captain.

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Scrubs, which I don’t care what anyone says was the best medical show ever. Between the bromance of Turk and J.D. to the greatness that is the Janitor. The show is just good old fashioned fun.

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Supernatural as you all know is one of my favorite shows and has been for a while, which is odd since I waited forever to even start watching it. You do mostly need to see the entire thing or you will be lost, but it is totally worth it.


How I Met Your Mother is another one of those shows I was a little late to the party on. By late I mean I watched it after it aired and I already knew who the mother was. Some o the running jokes alone are amazing, such as slapsgiving or what the hell does Barney do for a living?  Plus the songs are great.

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Married With Children, a show that wouldn’t work today. Seriously check it out. Why Married With Children Wouldn’t Work In 2019 Its a great show, and hilarious and I doubt we will ever see another show like it. Between the jokes, and the fact that many people can actually relate to the family itself it is no surprise the show was so popular and also still has a cult following today.

So that is my list, what shows do you guys got? Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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2 thoughts on “5 Favorite T.V. Shows”

  1. I have to say I might be in the minority but Janeway was always the best captain for me. Also, what do you think of the old Kirk vs the new one? I think they missed what made Kirk great with the new one even though I like Pine’s Kirk too.

    1. Janeway got a lot if undue hate, I liked Picard best but Janeway gets nothing but love from me. Pine Kirk is great in his own right, and I enjoy it but i agree they missed what made Kirk great. Tho I do have to agree with Pine when he said you can’t make Star Trek today the way they did in the past. Sure us fans of the orignal series (meaning prime timeline)would love it but it wouldn’t work so well today. People sadly have changed and just wouldn’t be so interested

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