Deadly Detention (2017)

Deadly Detention is a horror movie about 5 kids, a jock, a nerd, an outcast, you know just imagine horror movie breakfast club. Seriously, one of them will talk, one will yell about the principle catching them and giving them detention. Then a psycho ghost kills their principle and they must find a way out.

First, I have to mention this. Each kid is basically the worst imaginable portrait you can picture of a millennial but they aren’t even old enough to be millennials. Also, the school is in an old prison where someone died after the prison was closed and the last prisoner was abandoned. Also pretty much all the people in detention were set up and did nothing wrong. Aside from the movie just being campy as hell, which normally I like the movie is just bad. The characters are stereotypes of stereotypes and not even good ones and they essentially took as many cliches as possible and rolled them into one. I got very little if any enjoyment out of this movie and it is best avoided. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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  1. After about 5 minutes into the movie, its already painfully obvious that its a bad slasher rip off of the breakfast club.

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