Final Destination 2

final destination 2

Final Destination failed to me as a horror movie in damn near every way, but damn did I laugh my ass off. I had had heard the series got more crazier and more convoluted as it continues, so with that notion I happily tuned into the sequel. So was my appetite for mayhem and WTF moments quenched?

A year after the fabled plane crash of Flight 180, a group of friends is going on a road trip. Kim, a sweet, pretty good girl has a vision on the road and sees a nasty, bloody pile up. She stalls the road, saving a group from there gory fate while being the sole survivor of her friends. As before, the survivors drop off in strange ways and Kim discovers the similar fates of Flight 180, searching for Clear, the now sole survivor and the only person that can help her. Can these survivors learn from the last groups mistakes and beat death together?

I have to say this was a fun watch. The effects are better, the deaths more convoluted, and there are more of them. I didn’t mind the characters so much this time around and overall I felt was better acted. I felt this movie didn’t try to take itself as seriously which helped. I don’t regard it as a horror in any sense, except for yet a always awesome cameo by Tony Todd. In the end, its a pretty fun movie with some cool kills but it’s kinda disposable. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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