Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis (2005)

Another Return of the Living Dead movie and another movie that technically isn’t good. It also actually comes before Return of The Living Dead: Rave To The Grave, it has many of the same characters and even ends with the barrels from Rave to The Grave coming into play. It also is one of those movies that is fun but isn’t good which is kind of a staple of the series. This one is no exception, at all. It is so stereotypical it is hardly worth mentioning the story, which honestly I will give you the smallest glimpse and just tell you to fill in the gas with stereotypes. Basically, a high school student lost his parents about a year ago and now lives with his uncle that works for the company that stopped the last zombie outbreak. This student and his friends discover this and attempt to rescue a friend. You fill in the gaps.

The movie is fun tho. The corny acting isn’t too corny, but it is just corny enough to be entertaining. There are a few solid jokes and oddly, they managed to be entertaining without stooping to needless nudity. Granted as a guy, I would have enjoyed that but from a reviewer standpoint, it was great to see a movie not resort to such things and try to be good on its own merit. I am a bit sad it mostly failed, but hey kudos for trying.

One of my biggest issues is how totally inconsistent the movie was. To start, shoot the zombies in the head. All good right? Sadly it isn’t long until they down about 20 zombies with one or two shots to the chest with a handgun. If that was not bad enough, they get into actual fist fights with the zombies and kill them that way. This isn’t getting into the fact that some of the zombies can talk and others can’t and two even look like the Borg from Star Trek.

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Seriously, I can’t be the only one that sees it right? All that being said, I had fun watching it. I didn’t see it and instantly regret watching it and I think a big part of that was the movie didn’t take itself seriously, it knows what it is and didn’t try to be more. So give it a shot, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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