Scream 4

scream 4

Before I start talking about Scream 4, I feel I have to say this now: I love the Scream series and its directer, the legendary Wes Craven of The Hills Have Eyes , Last House on the Left , and Nightmare on Elm Street . Sadly, as far as I know, this was Craven’s last mainstream movie before he passed away years later. In the end, I don’t want to shit on this movie, but I have to be honest when doing this review…

Like many horror movies, Sidney Prescott’s story has been subject of tasteless, aimless sequel after sequel. Sid has become a famous, nationwide bestselling author who returns to her hometown as part of her book tour. Dewey is the town sheriff in charge while an unhappy Gale loses her mind as a writer in a small town. Meanwhile Sid’s younger cousin is seeming to have to repeat Sid’s past when a new killer is emerging, more violent than the ones in the past, trying to make a real life reboot.

So here we have a the definition of a pointless sequel. Besides an alright twist at the end and a funny opening scene, the movie doesn’t really have much to offer. Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox give good performances with Emma Roberts but the rest of the cast lacks enthusiasm. The movie drags a bit and lacks the tension of the other films because the characters no longer really drive it. While far from worst horror sequel ever, I don’t see a reason for it to exist except for an excuse to beat money out of a dormant franchise and I’m sad to see this be Craven’s last major movie so I say it’s great to skip. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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