There are times I watch things for the blog I love, sometimes laugh at, hate, or just once in a great while experiment with to fulfill a theory. I remembered the trailers for this movie a decade ago and thought meh; I heard reviews for this movie a decade ago that were basically meh. So one night, finding it on Netflix, I decided to see if its really meh or not…

A young, happy couple move into a new house with there newborn baby. Derrick is a successful business executive who meets a pretty temp girl named Lisa. She came prepared to be Derrick’s assistant and tries to get closer to him; Derrick is happily married to his wife Sharon and brushes off Lisa’s advances. Things don’t seem serious until the Christmas party when Lisa tries to seduce derrick after a few drinks, and that’s when he realizes she’ll destroy his marriage, his career, and his life to have him all to herself…

Basically the title says it all- this is pretty much a by the numbers stalker film. Because it’s PG-13, there is no crazy bat shit stuff like Fatal Attraction or Audition. Idris Elba and Beyonce are too good for this bland script and Ali Larter is fine as the crazy stalker but even she could have done better. It’s not terrible, just bland as hell with one really hilarious moment from Elba about halfway through. I can’t really recommend it, mostly because there are much better movies that did more with the premise. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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