The Meg (2018)

The Meg is a 2018 thriller about a deep sea research station that sends a submersible down to explore the ocean floor, possibly even deeper than the Mariana Trench, past a cloud of section thought to be solid ground but is actually just a pocket of gas that is freezing cold. Beyond there is life people never dreamed of, an entire never before seen ecosystem. It is also home to a shark long thought extinct. The Megalodon.

This is the part where Jonas Taylor, a person long thought to be crazy or to have been having hallucinated or even made up due to cowardice, a similar attack on a sub rescue where he lost about 8 people at a similar depth year beforehand. In fact, he only takes this mission because his ex-wife was the pilot, and he kinda wants to say I told you so.

The movie itself rather intriguing, I always like a good shark movie and while I know it isn’t really all that possible for this to happen I do like how they attempt to make it seem at least plausible. I rarely say this tho, I really think this could have benefited from an R rating. The concept was good and the action scenes were ok but, but it always felt like they were holding things back to keep it into that PG-13 rating. The huge shark felt less threatening most of the time because of it, even when it was devouring whales you never really got the feeling it was doing much more than swimming by. I know Jaws (1975) was rated PG and is an all-time great, but this is just a bigger shark they tried to make scarier and simply didn’t. Then they didn’t make it gorier either.

It does have some things going for it tho, for example, Megalodon is a cool concept. The comradery and friendships are also fun to watch grow. The movie may have been met with mixed reviews and it has its faults, but the movie is enjoyable. I would happily watch it again.. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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