Super Cane Magic Zero Release Date

Every so often my good friend Sue Yim from Intragames sends me things to look at and pass along to you, and this time it is a quirky comedy action RPG that can be played co-op, developed by Studio Evil and published by Intragames. While many times humor is a bit odd to translate and this one is just now coming to America and Europe on May 30th the premise itself made me smile a bit. Put simply you and a party of characters will be trying to save the world from a dog that has decided to knock out the worlds internet, cover the moon in chocolate and raise an army of vegetables. It will be released for $24.99  on the Switch and PS4 and is also available in early access on Steam for $19.99 and seems to have very positive reviews. Feel free to check out the trailer below and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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