Dragonball Z: Lord Slug

dbz slug

Here is where the DBZ movies turned for the awesome, part of which helps is the badass soundtrack featuring old school Deftones, Disturbed, and Finger Eleven to name a few.

The Earth is in panic as a colossal meteor is about to collide with the planet, a planet inhabited by life. Goku and Krillin intercept only to get blasted away as it lands and an army emerges lead by an ancient tyrant known as Lord Slug. Slug has come for the Dragonballs to give himself eternal youth. After being restored to his prime, him and his army set off to terra-form the Earth to create a new cruiser out of it. Goku and his friends can’t compete with young Slug who is revealed to be a Super Namekian, but Goku finds a strange power of his own, but can it bring down a towering Slug?

The Lord Slug movie is badass. The fights are epic and the music perfectly compliments them. Slug as a villain is pretty solid and his henchmen are interesting to watch. How Slug is defeated is pretty creative and it brings a cute scene early in the movie. If you want a quick, fun, badass DBZ film I highly recommend this to anime fans. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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