Father Home Schools Son So He Can Focus on E-Sports Career (Opinion)

If you want to read the original article in its entirety, I saw it in The Gamer and decided to talk about it. I even used their photo so I could give them full credit. They did all the work on this one, I am just stating my opinion on this.

The short version for the people that don’t want to read the full article, his son wants to be an E-Sports player, dad is letting him go to school online at home so he can focus on his gaming career. Are we all caught up on the general idea? Here we go.

I actually have no issue with this, with a small exception. As long as his education comes first and he learns everything that goes along with the business aspect of it. You know, marketing, managing money, etc.  The reason I am ok with it? We live in a world where child actors do this constantly or athletes are trained from a young age, such as many hockey players leave for boarding schools that essentially do the same thing. Kids go to school some of the day and focus on hockey for the rest of the day. So why are we going to attack this father for doing the same thing for his son?

There is a right and a wrong way to do this obviously. If he is going to let him focus on all aspects of the career, I have no issue with this. But that is what is important. There is more to E-Sports and a career as a professional gamer than just playing video games. There is marketing yourself, there is public speaking social media awareness and such. We live in a world where what you do while not working is as important as while you are working. And I truly hope that is part of what he learns. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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