Faintheart (2009)

Every so often I see a movie and think “This could be cool” and I am horribly wrong. This is one of those times. This isn’t even one of those I just don’t get British humor things because I do. I usually enjoy it. This is just a horrible movie. The general story is a dad that is a bit too into his battle reenactments and has a habit of being a bit late to everything. This time it happens to be the funeral of his father in law. This pisses his wife off and leaves him.

His son that he treats more like a best friend is also being bullied in school, of course. His dad is a huge nerd and he is taking his son for the ride. The worst part o the movie is how bad they make nerds look. Imagine pretty much every stereotype wrapped into one. While this normally would be no big deal, they then turn them all into massive heroes by the end. The concept is just insulting and unrealistic for a movie trying to be realistic.

The movie is also a comedy that is never all that funny, and the acting is never all that great. This most likely comes from the script being horrible honestly. This is one of those movies I just have to recommend you don’t watch. Here is the trailer tho just in case. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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