Family Guy


I’m pretty sure this show needs no introductions. It’s brought joy and rage to thousands; it’s that show your parents yelled at you for watching but right after went into there rooms and watched, and is arguably one of the most controversial shows on TV.

The show revolves around the Griffin family as they live a ordinary/ less than ordinary life in Quahog, Rhode Island with a colorful cast of friends and side characters. The Griffin’s are Peter the idiotic dad, Lois the housewife trying to keep it together, Chris the fat, dimwitted son, Meg the outcast, Stewie the homicidal baby and there dog Brian the lush and pompous wannabe writer. For the first few seasons, the Griffins almost felt like a modern day Simpsons for the new millennium, with a bit more edge and a style of using cutaways to mini skits to keep the laughs rolling. It was alright then, not really too special but the fan base was dedicated and was able to revive it from cancellation.

Coming back after a few years with season 4, Family Guy sky-rocketed in popularity and came back more insane than ever. From seasons 4 to 9, the show pushed the limits anyway it could and honestly that’s when it was the best in my opinion- I mean hell they even did there own version of the Star Wars trilogy and it was pretty hilarious. In high school it was the one show most kids I knew watched, despite what clique they were in, and most of the people I worked with were the same. If you want to see the best of Family Guy, I recommend seasons 4-9.

Season 10 to the present day is when the magic seemed to die. There’s few episodes that were in some pretty bad taste, meant for a shock laugh, but instead left me feeling kinda dirty. Another thing that was beginning to creep it’s way in was how toxic the Griffin’s really are; where they began feeling like a flawed but decent hearted family at there core, in the present I find all of them to be insufferable assholes in there own way. Like many shows gone on too long, things got stale and I couldn’t even bother getting past season 12. I peaked in around the others and found no sign of hope, just the rotting corpse of what was a good show.

To wrap this piece up, the first 9 seasons are a good time I’d definitely recommend but stop there. What I found beyond there wasn’t worth watching. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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Writer of the strange and everything; lover of horror, literature, comics, and the alien is my spirit animal

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