(Mobile) is a mobile game published by VOODOO and is quite simple to play but a bit harder to master. Basically, your character slides down a water slide and the first one to the bottom wins. The catch, however, is you can knock the other people off the track for kills (yes called kills) and more to the point you can also throw yourself off the slide and attempt to land on a lower section of the slide. If you do it is an easy way to win, and once or twice I managed to land directly in the pool at the end and instantly won the race. This is a dangerous tactic tho because if you miss, it is game over.

The game is a good way to kill some time, the controls are simple, just slide your finger back and forth and works just fine. It’s not a bad way to send a few minutes waiting for a bus or in the bathroom or whatever. The game isn’t great or even in-depth, it is just good enough to spend a few minutes at a time. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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