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bioshock inf

Sometimes change is a good thing. I loved Bioshock with all my heart so when I heard the third game in the series wasn’t going to be in the underwater city of Rapture, no plasmids, no Big Daddies, and no Splicers I figured the series was dead. Then came the day I got it as a Christmas present ans suddenly my eyes were open wide and to a whole new world of possibilities…

The year is 1912 and Booker Dewitt is a man with some problems. A former soldier and Pinkerton, Booker is a desperate man who needs a his debt wiped away. A mysterious set of twins arrives with a proposition: bring us the girl and wipe away the debt. The girl in question is Elizabeth, a young woman locked away in a tower most of her life in the flying city of Columbia, a city where Americana and religion are one in the same, led by a deranged prophet named Zachary Hale Comstock. Booker’s stay in Columbia isn’t a safe one, a raffle he’s outed as a outsider and Comstock’s  followers rain down on him. Armed with guns, a sky-hook, and the Vigors that grant him different powers, Booker frees Elizabeth, guarded by the bio-mechanical  Songbird. It’s not long before Booker discovers why the people of Columbia worshiped her- she has the ability to open tears into new dimensions and it’s from there Booker learns you can’t hide from the past…

Infinite is a humongous leap forward for the series in pretty much every way. Gameplay feels much more modern with far more options for weapons and the ability to combo your Vigors. Elizabeth is my favorite AI partner of all time, she can’t die, searches the area for useful items for you and can summon some awesome shit from other dimensions. The world is beautifully brought to life with top notch graphics, sound, and voice performances. The story is one of the best of the decade with some huge twists at the end and great characters. It’s hard for me to say which is my favorite between the first or Infinite and while I can’t say, it’s still a contender for best Bioshock and one of my favorite games I can’t recommend enough. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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