Dream Hospital (Mobile)

Dream hospital quickly went from a game a started out enjoying and quickly became highly disappointed in. While the sound and graphics are nice it became quickly apparent there wasn’t enough room to really build most of what you needed and getting the money together to build it was either an insane grind or would require real money. While we all play mobile games knowing this is the game plan because honestly how else will they make money, some games do take this way to far and this is one of those games.

Now the game is admittedly enjoyable, seeing all the people come and go, building rooms, equipping doctors and rooms while leveling up to find cures and new illnesses can be a blast. The added bonus of being able to create items to help cure things is also pretty awesome in itself. It just isn’t really worth the headache of having to grind just to hire a doctor after grinding to build a room. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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