Resident Evil: Extinction

re extinction

So in Resident Evil (movie 2002) the T Virus broke out; in Resident Evil: Apocalypse the T Virus escaped and infected Raccoon City, ending in the Umbrella Corporation nuking the city to stop the infection. And in Extinction the T Virus has gone world wide; the desert took over Vegas and survivors are few. Alice, her powers brought on by the T Virus, is moving through the desert trying to flee Umbrella. Olivera and LJ have joined a caravan of survivors led by Claire Redfield who are running out of supplies. Alice discovers a diary telling of a possible freedom and civilization where allegedly the virus hasn’t spread. Alice joins the caravan as they storm a a Umbrella outpost, where they failed to cure the zombie outbreak, instead only making them smarter. A desperate scientist has also discovered a new formula that has horrid results. Can the survivors make it out of a seemingly dead world?

As far out- there this series became, Extinction is a surprisingly decent sequel. It does have some good, creepy atmosphere and a decent score. The action series range from pretty cool to over the top, but the over the top stuff is more fits better. The story is surprisingly solid and there are some pretty fair performances in it. Giving Alice psychic powers was pretty stupid but it hurt a bit inside seeing a dude who’s a mix of Birkin and the classic Tyrant having psychic powers. The effects are serviceable but not great. As I said previously, if you watch it as a sci-fi movie, it isn’t bad but skip it if you are a purist fan of the series. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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