Resident Evil: Afterlife

re afterlife

Let’s face it everyone, there are plenty of crappy video game movies out there. In fact, 9 out of 10 of them suck super hard. Resident Evil (movie 2002) was a pretty decent movie that could have broken the mold but still stuck a reasonable trilogy- until a fourth came…in 3D!

Picking up where Resident Evil: Extinction left off, Alice and her clone army swarm the Umbrella HQ in Tokyo. After a huge battle, Alice escapes a fight against mastermind Albert Wesker but is injected with a serum that makes her lose her powers. Alone, she comes across a mind controlled Claire and eventually end up in a fortified prison where Claire reunites with her brother, Chris, leading up to the trio facing Wesker for the fate of humanity.

I’m pretty torn here. As a fan of the games, this is a travesty. The characters are awful and there’s stuff pulled from Resident Evil 5 that never is explained and makes no sense what so ever. However, the action is hilariously over the stop with too much slow mo and shitty 3D effects and it’s a fun crap movie to enjoy while drunk or high. This one is basically a question of what you want from it, but honestly this movie is still crap. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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