Shazam: Origins (new 52, vol.1)

new 52 shazam

Billy Batson is a a cocky troubled pre-teen with a good heart that can’t catch a break. Being an orphan most of his life, he’s done everything he could to find his mom but by doing that he’s kept getting booted from family to family. When dropped off yet again, it isn’t long before he finds himself before an ancient wizard that bestows upon Billy the powers of Shazam, making him the ultimate hero…but Billy was not the only one ever given these power. Dr Thad Sivanna unleashed a long vanished god- like Egyptian tyrant: enter Black Adam…

Does most of this sound familiar? Admittedly, 95% of this story was carried into the Shazam movie. The book has a good mix of feels and goofy moments with some really cool art. The biggest difference between book and movie is the villain. Adam is way more badass and fitting as a villain; Adam is Shazam’s nemesis after all. My only damn issue is Adam’s end, which is clever but anti-climatic as hell and I pray this book wasn’t his only outing in DC’s new 52. Overall, it’s a great example of a origin story done right and a good book to pick up if you loved the movie. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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