NHL 20 Open Beta

For those that may have missed it, the NHL 20 Open beta was this past weekend. It gave us a chance to check out the CHEL mode as well as the new NHL Ones mode. CHEL mode is still CHEL tho it has been improved. Fans of that won’t be disappointed. Threes has also made its return which made me happy. Ones tho is pretty cool, tho the name is a bit misleading. Threes is a 3v3 game so a person would thing ones is a 1v1 game.  It is not, but that is a good thing.

Ones may be my favorite addition to the game because it forces you to become good at puck handling and taking advantage of your opponents’ mistakes. See you will pick one NHL star, and face off against two others in a 1v1v1 game. that’s right it’s a three-man free for all. The graphics and sound are also top notch as you would expect. All in all, if you are a hockey fan this open beta convinced me to say this one is worth buying even if you picked up NHL19 assuming you aren’t just a casual fan that plays a game here or there. If you happen to have an older version like 17 tho, now is certainly the time to get this one. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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8 thoughts on “NHL 20 Open Beta”

  1. I think I played only one game and that was it with the Beta. I know some of the new features weren’t in the Beta which kind of gave me the feel that I was still just playing nhl 19. However I do like the new features they are adding as well as some fixes to the goalies. I will be buying NHL 20 day one as I do every iteration.

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    1. I will wait for a sale like I always do, but I will be buying it. The new features are really cool like the ones mode. I did get a NHL19 feel from the actual game tho I can agree with that.

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      1. I like collecting. I do the same with Madden, MLB the show and NBA 2k series. I don’t spend a dime on it Atleast so that’s a plus. I wish they would’ve added back GM Connected so I can do a franchise with my brother and cousins. But maybe next gen.

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