Forager (PS4)

Forager is a game that out the gate seems overwhelming and weird. You basically start as a guy with a pickaxe and are told to build something. After that, the game basically leaves you alone. You then collect resources with your pickaxe to build new things and collect money. More money will let you unlock more land and build bigger and better things.

Over time you can build machines that will blast resources for you as they pop-up and you can get new skills to auto collect them. There is quite a bit of land to explore, temples to explore, enemies to fight and plenty of things to build and upgrade. There is no shortage of things to do, tho they do get a bit repetitive most notably at the beginning when you are simply doing the same thing while struggling to get what you need to build basic things. It isn’t long before things start to open up tho and you start to notice how many things tie together to create a pretty original experience despite the fact it feels like a cross between Minecraft and Terraria, both great games in their own right. If you like them tho, you may enjoy this one. So by all means check it out, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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