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The autonomy of Hong Kong, my home, is under threat by China as a result of the introduction of the Extradition Bill and the Election Reform Package amongst others. We may no longer be as free as we always had following China’s intrusions into our autonomy. We may no longer express ourselves, we may no […]

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For those that aren’t aware, there are some bad things happening to protestors in Hong Kong right now, Which my friend over at The Dar Hound was kind enough to share info about. The picture I used was from a news report I saw about how some of the protestors were waving American flags and singing the American national anthem. See while America has its problems, and there are many, at one time it was a symbol of freedom for the world and for many it still is that symbol even if it is debatable that it is just a symbol as opposed to a reality.

I try to avoid political talk on my blog because that isn’t why you are all here. This is a place where we can worship the gaming gods. But when a friend of Savior Gaming asks us to share info about serious stuff in their home country, I feel obligated to do it. I wish him and his homeland the best possible outcome, and may the gaming gods bring Hong Kong glory.

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