Hearts of Iron IV Review, Sort of.

I call this a Hearts of Iron Review sort of because this one of those games where honestly if you play it for 20 hours (like me) or even 40 you probably aren’t truly qualified to truly review it. I can tell you about it of course, for example, it is a grand strategy game from Paradox or that the game basically starts just before World War 2.

I can also tell you that you will need to research new technology, build both civilian and military factories and when it comes to war it only becomes more complicated. You will be drawing front lines for your troops to defend, telling them where to attack as well as managing how when and where your planes will be attacking. That isn’t even touching on all the things you will need to do with the Navy at your command.

The issue is this all sounds like its pretty simple, but even getting the general idea on all this could be rough. I lost in the tutorial for example. Not my finest moment in gaming. Recently playing a game with my friend went a bit to hell. (Hey Cody how are you) we ended up starting a massive 3-way world war as I lost 500 thousand men in South America (I was North America) to Guatemala and El Salvadore. This was before I ever made it across the Atlantic to join the fight against Germany that as you can imagine, did not go much better for me. I am not very good at drawing front lines and such yet, or keeping my troops where I want them. Or building my divisions.

There is so much to learn here that you will want a friend to play with probably, and youtube will be a godsend when you try to learn. I haven’t even touched the Focus trees and how you can turn some countries from one country into another form entirely. For example, I turned America into a fascist country so I could invade South America in hopes of uniting with the UK in taking over Europe. I failed at invading Cuba, but it is what it is.

All in all the game is a blast to play and learn, but it will take some patience. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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