Sandwich?: the Ultimate Inquisition


Here we come to another bone chilling look into the human mind full of twists, turns, and melodrama…oh and sandwiches. People like sandwiches.

Once again Billy Kraser, author of such short humor books as Sticks:A tool in Time , Stones: The Eternal Instrument , and Plenty of Cones: Universal Utilities , gives us another quick read sure for a few good laughs because, well, you just sat down and read a book pondering about the nature of sandwiches and that is some absurd shit. As I’ve said for the other books in this series, the humor isn’t for everyone and many will call it dumb but I always enjoy a good laugh so I recommend giving it a read and supporting a new author by dropping a link to this book and Billy’s GoFundMe for his new project. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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