Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

t3  So it’s pretty universally recognized that the first 2 Terminator movies were freaking awesome. Simple stories filled with interesting characters, a bleak future, and epic action scenes. Well Terminator 2  pretty much wrapped the story up in a nice, fulfilling bow and the promise of a T3 was legend until it came with this and the great downfall began.

Judgement Day never came and John Conner grew up off the grid, waiting for the future that him and his late mother never hoped would come. The military trusted Skynet with a new AI that is being infected by a strange new computer virus. A new Terminator has come but not solely to protect Conner, but the person to lead after he dies in the future. They are hunted by the extremely dangerous T-X, a Terminator designed for extreme combat including destroying other Terminators. She is also implementing the virus. Can we really stop or end or is our fate inevitable?

I can’t say this movie is good, but it’s not total shit, it’s just simply meh. The acting is fine and Schwarzenegger tries his ass off to make the most out of a lame script. the effects are alright and there are some cool action scenes but what doesn’t feel recycled, feels out of place with the blooming CGI. The story is ok I guess but everything about it feels forced, and as I got older I couldn’t help but feel like a giant cash grab. In the end, it’s a decent action movie but nothing special. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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