Terminator: Genisys


Ok, I have to jump on a crowded bandwagon of complaints but dammit I have to- who the hell decided on the Genesis spelling? That irked the living crap out of me for almost a year before the movie came out, despite the whacked out plot that pretty much not only pisses on the series but also on the classic Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day . Let’s look to where a great franchise truly caught fire and crashed…

The war against the machines is at its peak. John Conner is getting ready to send his father, Kyle Reese, into the past to save his mother when she was young. Kyle serves his best friend and hero loyally. The timeline has seriously changed however. A T-800 named Pops intercepts the Terminator meant to kill Sarah, who is well trained and prepped. Ahead of time, a T-1000 is sent through that they have to dispatch. Kyle finds out a Terminator was sent to kill Sarah as a child, but Conner sent one prepared to protect her and raise her. It’s not long before Skynet’s new plan is unfolded in the form of Genisys, a new app that will carry out what was meant to happen on Judgement Day while the ultimate hero turned enemy from the future stalks them, John Conner himself.

Don’t watch this movie for a interesting, cohesive plot I beg of you. If you love the first 2 movies, it’s really going to piss you off as much as Dark Fate will. As a action movie, it’s surprisingly entertaining but its strictly because of Schwarzenegger who gives his all to save this dumpster fire. The other actors are fine but terribly misplaced in a crap script. Its a fine action movie to veg out to but as a Terminator sequel its absolute crap. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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