Kong: Skull Island

kong skull island

Besides the MCU, I consider the Monster-verse probably the second best out there. Godzilla King of Monsters (Savior) opened my eyes to why this series has garnered so much love for so long, so I took a bit to catch up on the universe and see how they approached the legendary ape, King Kong.

Monarch is a small organization with a huge problem, they are about to go extinct because frankly, why waste money on paranormal shit, especially in the wake of the Vietnam War. Bill Randa, head of Monarch, desperately has a plan to find the ancient creatures he seeks- the mythical Skull Island. Assembling a crew of scientists, soldiers, a anti-war photographer and a professional merc and tracker they set off to discover a hostile land teeming with giant beasts, the hideous Skull Crawlers, and the king of it all, Kong..

This is probably the most fun, most epic adaptation of King Kong to date. The Monster-verse takes him a new direction, making him angrier, bigger, and smarter than ever before with a new motivation while surprisingly keeping a lot of the character’s pathos. Sam Jackson, John Goodman and John C. Riley steal the show, especially Riley during some sad moments. The action scenes are plentiful and well done, set mostly to well placed 70’s rock. The Island itself isn’t boring, it’s the opposite. The beginning is a bit slow and feels pretty cliche at first but once Kong is introduced, the movie picks up the pace. In the end, it’s a fun monster brawler with some good performances that’s worth checking out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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2 thoughts on “Kong: Skull Island”

  1. I genuinely had no expectations before I watched it as I had never gotten into any of the monster movies, be it Godzilla or Kong. This movie was on TV so I just decided to watch it and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. It is such a good movie and I am excited to see how it sets up a possible crossover with Godzilla.


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