Far Cry 3

far cry 3

You what I find annoying as hell about the FPS market? The fact that a majority of the genre is divided into either military C.O.D/ Battlefield fashion or a standard paranormal shooter. Far Cry is a series like no other for me because 1 game stole my heart and only one in the series, so I ask you, do you know the definition of insanity?

Jason Brody and his friends are a bunch of  young yuppies partying in the islands, celebrating the return of Jason’s brother from the army. It was a wild time and a roaring blast…until the pirates came, armed to the teeth and watched over by crazed enforcer Vaas. Jason and his friends are captured. Escaping, Jason’s brother is killed and his friends are separated. It’s up to Jason to embrace new ways of life and the savagery of a warrior as he takes on nature and a pirate army while fighting to not lose himself in the jungle.

When I played Far Cry 3, I didn’t know what to expect but I was seriously blown away. I was insanely enamored by the scenery, exotic animals, and how by the end I felt like I went through a genuine journey and transformed. The story takes many a twist and turns, going into some true WTF territory, and Vaas is indeed a legendary gaming villain who should have been the main bad guy. What I like a lot, is the tight balance between stealth and full on gun combat, both means are supported and flushed out perfectly well for your play style. Having an tattoo on your arm that develops after you level up is also a nice touch I admired and made me want to push myself to see the final vision. What I will say as a downfall, the last quarter of the game feels flat without Vaas and Hoyt goes down pretty quickly and isn’t that great of a final villain; alongside of that, both endings to the game aren’t spectacular and pretty generic. In the end, Far Cry 3 is a damn awesome experience I highly recommend but don’t expect a great ending. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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