Far Cry 4

far cry 4

So Far Cry 3 was a tremendous breath of fresh air for me as a gamer so when the next installment was around the corner, you bet your ass I had my seat reserved on the hype train. Sadly I had to settle for the PS3 version and not the PS4 version, so keep that in mind here as we see what adventure is in store for us.

Ajay ventures to the Himalayan region of Kyrat to scatter his mother’s wish, her final wish to have her ashes scattered at her homeland. Ajay knows she fled the country and went to America but doesn’t know about the bloody civil war developing. He’s captured by a lunatic named Pagan Minh. After escaping the upcoming dictator’s hold, Ajay finds himself thrust into the resistance, which is facing a split itself. Can Ajay survive the madness of a country divided?

Far Cry 4 is a strange case. The gameplay is solid and doesn’t change too much from 3 but the new changes like being able to lure animals into enemies and being able to tame elephants is pretty damn awesome. It’s not everyday when you raid a camp on a elephant’s back, going postal with a grenade launcher. The story, while good, is way shorter than 3 and in many ways feels repackaged. In fact, much of this game feels repackaged. Pagan is a fun villain and honestly I liked him more than any of the good guys. What the game does have is a lot of different endings with a lot of different outcomes so you can get multiple playthroughs. The locale is beautiful. There are a host of badass animals to hunt and fight off; don’t screw with honey badgers yahl. There is co-op this time around as part of the game, rather than its own separate thing. In the end, it’s a damn fun game you can finish quick but can get a few good playthroughs of I’d recommend. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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