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How many crimes are truly perfect? How many times are things exactly as they seem? What happens when the answer is something unexplainable, and its the only answer?

Terry Maitland was a beloved citizen of Flint City, teacher, little league coach, and family man. That is until multiple witnesses and various scientific evidences point to Maitland as the heinous murder and sexual assault of a young boy. Detective Ralph Anderson makes a public arrest, shaming Maitland in front of the whole town. The case looks open and shut, but an outstanding mount of evidence proves Terry’s innocence; how can a man be two places at once? Is Terry Maitland a criminal mastermind or is there something supernatural at play?

Stephen King, the legend, still has it. The Outsider isn’t one of his best but it’s a damn good book. I really enjoyed the first half of the book, where it’s a pretty well done detective story that’s pretty fascinating. While I was kinda bummed at the turn the story took, it was filled with interesting characters and good interactions between them. The book flows well and doesn’t feel too light or bloated, bloated being a common King complaint. If you are a King veteran, especially with the Bill Hodges trilogy, you’ll find some cool connections here. My only real complaint was the shift between thriller and horror and the Outsider goes down like a total bitch which makes the end a bit anti-climatic. In the end it’s a damn good read I recommend for King fans. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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