Space Jam: A New Legacy

Lebron James, one of today’s greatest athletes, has worked hard over the years for the fame and respect, something he wants to instill in his son Dom. His fame is also a huge asset to Al. G Rhythm, a algorithm for WB and the ruler of the Serververse where all WB’s properties exist. When Lebron refuses to join forces with Al, he takes Dom under his wing and sends Lebron to the now empty Looney Tune world. Al challenges Lebron to a simple game of basketball, giving him the ability to recruit any WB character he can for his team, his prize being his son and there freedom. But Al has a trick up his sleeve…

Ugh- this review is going to hurt. Not only did I loathe this movie, but I actually felt dirty after watching it. Space Jam 2 is essentially a 2 hour WB cash grab that wants you to know this movie exists for money. Lebron is pretty wooden and pretty unlikable when he’s not phoning it in. The Looney Tunes aren’t funny and just come off as desperate, like all those crap cameos that make no sense peppered throughout the movie. Don Cheadle tries but not even War Machine can save this atomic dumpster fire. The effects look cheap, the score isn’t memorable, and this movie drags like hell. In the end, not only do I not recommend watching this, but I can safely say this is without a doubt the worst movie I’ve seen in a few years. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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