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Alterium Shift is a retro JRPG-inspired indie game from Drattzy Games. Choose one of three heroes in training on a mission to prevent a catastrophic conflict between two worlds. Discover the heroes’ intertwined link as they seek to save Alteria from the Dark Elves. Be prepared to shift your expectations on what the real journey might be.

Alterium Shift has grown from a small passion project to a full-fledged game with many awesome features to come,” said Drattzy co-founder Mottzy. “We are extremely excited to be working with Gravity Game Arise to deliver a truly unique retro-style RPG that brings the nostalgia of the 90s to the modern world.”

“Alterium Shift culminates years of passion for retro-style JRPGs into a project we could only dream of making by ourselves,” said Drattzy co-founder DrazzRay. “Thanks to our partnership with Gravity Game Arise, we’ll be able to deliver on that dream and transform those passions into a game that we believe people will love for years to come”.

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