NecroBoy: Path to Evilship Trailer

NecroBoy is a puzzle-adventure game from French indie developer Chillin’ Wolf, in which you can revive souls into the form of minions, the NecroMinions (because everything starting with Necro is cooler), that will follow our hero, NecroBoy. 

Use your minions to solve various puzzles by giving them orders, helping you to progress further into the crypt of NecroMan, an infamous necromancer that tyrannized the kingdom a century ago. What a role model!

Although the gameplay is made to be relaxed (we’re Chillin’ Wolf, remember?). The journey through the dungeons will make the players scratch their heads over puzzles as the difficulty increases! 

But the main focus of this game is the story. A story of this megalomaniac, theatrical, lonely kid who wants to take the path of evil. Why would he choose such a goal? What does he really want? That’s what you’ll learn as you follow the progress of NecroBoy into the crypt – and his progress as a person, with a tone often comedic, but… sometimes darker. NecroBoy’s character design was originally inspired by Ed from the 90’s game Tonic Trouble! It was one of my favorite games when I was a kid, so I wanted NecroBoy to be a fun and endearing protagonist like Ed was.

A demo for NecroBoy: Path to Evilship will be available soon, so please keep your eyes open! 

“I hope people will fall in love with NecroBoy, like I did while creating this little guy” from Yool the developer and owner of Chillin’ Wolf.

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