Suikoden I&II HD Remaster Gate Rune and Dunan Unification WarsAnnounced for 2023!

Many of us have waited years for news about the Suikoden series and have long since given up hope. Even some of the original creators have moved on to a new title, one of which I have reviewed. Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Review and it was great. Their game coming next year will probably be fantastic, and I have zero doubt see the reception it received forced Konami to move.

That brings us to what appears to be this beautiful remaster of Suikoden 1 and 2. It is worth noting that the original character designer Junko Kawano is reworking the sprites in this remaster and is also involved in Eiyuden Chronicles. They have also improved the Japanese translation which anyone that has played the originals will tell you is badly needed. UI and environment are also added or enhanced with things like footsteps, water sounds, and insects. Enjoy many photos below and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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