New Redemption Reapers on the Nintendo Switch Review.

As always with these things I like to start out by saying a huge thank you to Binary Haze Interactive for tossing me a Redemption Reapers review copy for this one. I always appreciate it, and it is always a lot of fun playing a new game from a new company.

Redemption Reapers is a tactical role playing game that takes on a darker tone than most. The game starts out with you playing as Sarah, who is attempting to make up for some past mistake. This mistakes makes her and the Ashen Hawk brigade hated, for some reason. They are also one of the only groups fighting the Mort. The Mort are simply put a group of creatures hell bent on destroying basically any living thing it comes across.

I will admit, I do not really know what the Mort are or why they are killing everyone. You sort of just get dumped into that, and they never really explain it very well. It is ok though because in games like this the combat usually makes up for it.

I say usually but this time that isn’t really true. You will be limited in characters, five them. This is really a good thing because weapons upgrades are expensive and require resources and money all of which are mostly found during battles. These battles can be long, with one little mistake making you start all over again. This isn’t because they are all that hard exactly, each character can only heal once unless you have them use these special spots on the map, which usually don’t have more than two.

These problems with combat are made worse since the main way the game gets more advanced is it simply tosses more enemies in the way. Thought you had problems keeping your starting three characters alive when it was six enemies? Try it with ten enemies and four characters.

The game isn’t all bad however. The game is beautiful. The cut scenes are well done, the character images are probably some of the best the Nintendo Switch has to offer. That isn’t enough to make me say hey go buy this game. At the $50 price tag, you are going to want to wait for a sale. This one is a 5/10, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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