Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer


Damn I want this game. Like a good trailer ought to, we get glimpses of the majestic, epic beauty of the old west in the trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 but we don’t get much of an idea of a plot except for Dutch being referenced at the end, making me think this maybe some kind of prequel. In one way I’d be fine with that, getting to see a young John Marsten get in with the gang he’d hunt down in the original.  I was a huge fan of the first Red Dead Redemption and my hopes are high for the sequel, not too many times I can lasso someone and toss them in front of a train after all.


Left Alive teaser

left alive

Within the last couple of days we got a teaser for Square Enix’s newest project: Left Alive. First mention of Square Enix, my thoughts go directly to Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, beautiful, colorful locations, and deep stories. That’s just me. Left Alive we get the hint some kind of war is happening. I noticed an emphasis on machines, so maybe a Terminator influence? I will not lie, the title automatically made me think of a zombie type of game, which c’mon, no more zombies. The trailer did it’s job, it made me curious to figure what the hell it’s about. Like what I would expect from the company, what I saw of it looked great and the combat looked somewhat like Just Cause, so it should be interesting. These were just some quick thoughts I had on the the first teaser and I’m sure I’ll talk more about it in the future. May the gaming gods bring you glory my friends.

Soma- what the hell is it? Week one


So my first week playing the game horror game Soma, and I’m pretty divided by it. I can’t completely tell you what the full plot is but I can tell you that the bastard above was a hour long pain in my ass. The story involves people consciousnesses into machines and it is eerie how the machines we encounter the blur the line between the perceptions of man and machine and reality. I’ve been chased by a “brute”, a ape like robot and I’ve noticed the great/shitty way the game handles its horror element. When nearby an enemy machine, Jarret’s brain starts freaking out, making the screen appear to glitch and blur, these affects intensifying the more closer you get. When caught, the screen full on glitches, flashing pixalated, creepy images during a loud scratching screech. The bastard above should not be directly looked at; his image blurs and grows brighter as he gets closer but your sight gets slowed and sways when your near and this bastard is always nearby. The environments  are disorienting to begin with but this crap was too much. Take four 151 shots in a row, spin around in a haunted fun house hall three times and try finding your way out, welcome to that hour of my life. But I carry on. Thanks for listening to my rant and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Evil Within 2 Preview



Soon evil will be upon us once more. Evil Within 2 picks up about 3 years after the first and Sebastian is once again facing evil. To be released October 13th and I for one am excited to play it. The first evil within was one of my favorite games of 2014 and I hope Evil Within 2 is just as good. The beautiful part of the original for me was the combination of not knowing and psychological games being played, and with the addition of a serial killer this may be just as great.






The Sims 4 Preview

sims 4

For you fans of The Sims, The Sims 4 is coming to the PS4 and XBox 1 this November. Below you will find the announce trailer.

The beautiful part of the series is you can play as seriously or as maniacally as you want. The sims 4 is sure to please fans with plenty of jobs to work and items to build and furnish your home. Best of luck and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Soma- day one


So in preparation for what we at Saviorgaming consider Christmas minus the presents and cheer, replaced by candy, drunk people, and gore I wanted to play a horror game I never played before. Months ago I got Soma off of a PS flash sale and kept it for just such a occasion. I briefly researched it before buying it and watched a couple of trailers. Soma is a first person stealth horror game made by Frictional Games, makers of smash horror hit Amnesia: the dark descent. We play as Simon Jarret, a man suffering from brain damage after a car accident that killed his girlfriend (?). During a new kind of treatment I guess, Simon wakes up in a isolated underwater facility full of busted down machines that are in pain. And there’s a mechanical beast lurking the corridors. So from my first experience I got a strange Alien: isolation / Bioshock vibe. Once underwater the environments were beautiful and tense. It’s definitely a “where the hell do I go” game and like Isolation, be prepared to hide and take it slow. Unlike Isolation, you have no kind of weapon to defend yourself with. I noticed being near the first monster, my brain started glitching out, before it caught me which was a creepy effect. So far it’s interesting and a pretty game to behold, but it’s only day one. Thank you as always for reading and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Jurassic World Evolution

Jurasic world Evolution will allow you to build your own dinosaur theme park around the release of the movie. Not much has been released about this new project from Frontier however back in the Original Xbox and PS2 days there was a game called operation Genesis which was basically the same thing and to this day is one of my favorite games from my childhood.

Regardless I am looking forward to building my own park and maybe letting a few dinosaurs escape to kill a few things. May the gaming gods have mercy on my soul, and bring you glory.