Metal Gear Survive preview

mg survive

What the hell Konami? I’ve always heard amazing things from Metal Gear fans and been fascinated by the strange storylines and cool designs but zombies…really. Without Kojima we get a game without any familiar characters and now there is zombie things. From what I gathered from the gameplay footage I got a heavy vibe of Red Redemption’s Undead Nightmare, where it’s a giant side story but still it’s own thing. There’s crafting like many zombie games and you can either stealth it out Last of Us style or go semi ham Dead Rising style. It looks graphically nice at least but that won’t be enough to save yet another zombie game from the gaming god’s wrath. May the gaming gods bring you glory and best wishes.

Some things I’m pumped for in 2018


So we all have that one form of beloved entertainment we have, whether it’s book, movie, game, music, or madness fueled clog dancing while singing Shirley Temple tunes (don’t judge me man). So I wanted to share some of what I’m pumped for in 2018. In no particular order, let’s begin with…

aquaman 1. Aquaman- if you caught our reviews on Justice League (2017) , you’ll know our favorite part was Aquaman. On top of that, I love Black Manta and I can’t wait to see these two badasses duke it out on the big screen.

we happy few 2.We happy few- ever since I first saw the trailer for this trippy, unsettling game that looks like a much more survival oriented Bioshock, I was hooked. Like maddeningly so.

halloween 2018 3. Halloween 2018- I miss Michael Myers and I was thrilled Jamie Lee Curtis is returning but even more exited original Michael Myers Nick Castle is reprising his role. Is it weird this film redcons every other Halloween film but the original, yeah, but I’m willing to see what’s to come.

code vein 4. Code Vein- a game styled like Dark Souls with a beautiful anime art style and vampires. Just hell yeah.

black panther 5. Black Panther- Granted, I’m pretty hyped for all of the Marvel movies of the year but I have a soft spot for Panther. He was one of my favorite parts of Civil War and best of all, the movie comes out right next to my Birthday so even better.

These were just a few quick things but I’m sure more will come up through the year. May the gaming gods bring you glory and best wishes all around.

5 Games I Want in 2018

20017 was a great year for gaming, and 2018 is looking to be no slouch itself. The following list is just 5 games I am looking forward to supposedly coming in 2018 that I can wait to play, and of course in no particular order.

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Look anyone that follows the blog knew Kingdom Hearts 3 was going to be on this list. People have been waiting forever and supposedly we are getting it next year, tho like everyone else I have my doubts. Will the quest of Sora continue? Your guess is as good as mine.

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Far Cry 5, Sadly it was pushed a little bit but still supposed to be 2018. But in todays world of radical religious people how can you not want a game that lets you save a city from a few? Plus far cry is always fun.  More on this here Far Cry 5

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Of all the games on the list this is the one I am most excited for and most concerned about. The concept is great. You and a friend each control a person and attempt to survive and leave an area. Could be fun. might also be horrible.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance for me is great because I get to run around with a sword and stab stuff in  world that reacts to what I do and that is always a good time to me. The story seems exciting, the world imaginative and graphically it looks beautiful. You can also see more on that here. Kingdom Come Deliverance


Come on, like this wasn’t going to make the list. The first game was amazing, one of the best looking and most fun games of the last generation. The story was also top notch and made westerns cool again for the first time in decades. Fine the trailer here. Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer

I know guys, short list, let me know In the comments what games you are looking forward to. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Monster Hunter World Beta

monster hunter world cat

For those with a PlayStation 4 and a PSN account this weekend was a treat, we got to take part in the open beta for Monster Hunter world. But how was it? There are a few negative things you could say that would all be fair. I will say those now real quick just to get them out of the way. First off, it was pretty small really. There were only  three missions with very limited ability to really upgrade anything at all. The match making was also a nightmare even for a beta. At one point on Saturday it took me almost 45 minutes to find a game. Those missions could all be beaten pretty quickly as well. Also on a minor control issue certain attacks being mapped to the controller how they are would result in messing with items instead if you were too close, which almost got me killed a few times.

Other than that my time with the game flew by. The graphics looked great on my PS4 pro. I didn’t have any issues with frame rate tho i should note when given the option I did choose to prioritize that over anything else, an option the game tells you is only given to pro owners.  The controls themselves felt nice and fluid and easy to use with combinations working as one would expect and each weapon felt different. The game will definitely be a treat for fans of the series come January. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Empires in Ruins (Preview)

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Empires In Ruins is an upcoming indy title from a small company called Hammer & Raven Games, you can find more info at their website here. www,

The game itself is a story driven 4x game. Now I won’t pretend I know what that means, but it sounds impressive. What I do know is that the combat is a fun mix of Tower defense and Real Time  Strategy. Those two are basically made to be together, and any game that is story driven already scores major points with me. The graphics themselves look great, with a hand painted Main map that you can just look at and tell was done with tremendous care.

Some of the other details that make or break a game such as this already exist, plenty of enemies to fight and over 60 technologies to research will make for plenty of options to choose from.

Looking forward I think we will see a fun filled and judging by their Twitter at times humorous experience. Best wishes, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Bevontule (Preview)


Bevontule is an upcoming Turn based combat game from a small indy company called Multithreaded Games. You can find more information about both the game and the company at their website here.

Now many of you may be saying “Hey Savior, whats with you hitting all these indy games lately? and honestly it is a fair question. Honestly I just like covering indy stuff. I get to see stuff I didn’t know existed. Up until these guys followed me on Twitter ( thanks guys) I had no clue they even existed. So I checked out their site. What I saw was, well lets have it speak for itself.

Now that as you can see in the corner is Pre-Alpha Footage, and it looks beautiful. The combat system looks fluid and intuitive. I don’t normally play PC games, and I know this isn’t the best looking game in the world. But for a game that is made by a couple of a people at a small company? I am damn excited to see how this comes out. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Game Preview: Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark


Fell Seal:Arbiter’s Mark is an upcoming classical tactical RPG, much like Final Fantasy Tactics. The game is created by Developer 6 Eyes Studio based in Orlando Florida. I won’t lie until recently I had never heard of these guys but a blog I follow did a write up that I shared and decided to do some of my own research on that lead me to some more interesting info. Below is one of the trailers for your enjoyment.

As you can see this is a labor of love as they have painstakingly drawn the maps and characters. The game also boast an impressive amount of skills as well as over 20 classes, and many options when it comes character creations. For more information you can see their website here

I can’t lie, for me this game has some huge shoes to fill. As a kid a grew up on games like shining force, Final Fantasy Tactics and Vandal Hearts. These were some of the most amazing games of the genre ever created. With that being said, judging by the effort put into creating this game I feel comfortable saying in 2018 when this game releases it will be on my must play list, and i feel comfortable saying it will be worth the wait. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Mega Man X collection And Mega Man 11


This week has seen some big news for fans of the Blue bomber himself. If you happen to be a fan of the old Mega Man X games as I am, you are about to be excited. Officially we are getting a collection similar to the Previous collections. You can find those reviews here Mega Man Collection and here Mega man Collection 2. You can also see more about the X collection here.

This however may not be the most exciting news about our favorite 8 bit blue man. For the first time since 2010 there will be a brand new Mega Man game in 2018. Admittedly I don’t know how to feel about this, the last few were less than amazing and a small part of me thinks maybe the series just needs to stop. But after this many years it may also be time to give him another shot. Below is what I feel was an amazing 30 anniversary video revealing Mega Man 11.

Kerbal Space Program (update)

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I have written about Kerbal Space Program a few times, and always about the console version ( I will leave the links below) this will just be a quick update and a little bit about my recent experience with the PC versions Demo that is free to download on Steam.

Kerbal On Consoles Finally Fixed?

Kerbal Space Program. Hardest game for PS4?

The last thing I can confirm about KSP on console prior to the January launch ( this come straight from a private message with their verified Twitter account) is that anyone that owns a console version is getting the updated version of the game free of charge, and they have yet to release any information on Trophies/achievement progression as to whether or not it will be new ones or just the old ones or even if they fixed the bugged one that prevented the rare person that could actually play the game correctly from achieving a platinum Trophy.

Now on to my experience with the PC Demo. Honestly outside of the controls being  little bit more responsive and easier to work with, most notably the maneuver nodes they play quite similar. I would consider picking it up to do a more detailed comparison if I had to cash flow ( hey Squad if you read this and want to hook an up and coming blog up, that would be cool)

Honestly if you have the PC with the power to play KSP and you need your fix right now, simply buy the PC version. If you prefer console wait until the reviews come out after the fix. It won’t take long, keep an eye out here.  I will be playing the day it comes out for a good long time to get you guys the info you need. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Prey (day 1 preview)

prey preview

So after a bit of stupidity and some going around in circles, I scored my holiday Black Friday loot: Prey. A game I’ve been drooling over since I first watched the first gameplay trailers. I put maybe an hour into it and I have to say I got hooked, so since I’ve gotten hammered by the question how is it by people I know, I thought I’d just discuss my first impressions.

Essentially you are Morgan Yu (you can be male or female, I picked female for a Ripley vibe.) an employee taking part of a weird alien experiment on a space station, and the subjects escaped, multiplied, and have taken over. It’s about all I know so far.

First, visually this game is breathtaking to behold. Second, I get a heavy Dishonored feel for a lot of the game which is cool, beside some aesthetic similarities, the game is heavily about choices how you  approach obstacles. Moving feels as quick and fluid as in Doom. My favorite thing so far was fighting the Mimics so far. Tricky bastards move strangely, kinda like spiders but can sway like liquid or retreat and take another shape. Two at once can be a hassle to deal with without a gun. I really love the unknowing when it comes to these things, makes for a better immersion. I can’t really say anything bad yet but I’m damn excited to keep going. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.